English Version of the Second Statement

Let's Remain Alert!

We, women of different latitudes who felt self-invoked to the Aquelarre Subversiva and who experienced the excessive repression to the “March for the life, the body, the territory and the dignity” want to thank all the people, collectives, movements, organizations of all the territories of the Abya Yala and the world, who have expressed their support in backing up and confronting this hard situation. We have jointly achieved political pressure and inter-territorial solidarity.

We want to inform you that our four female colleagues are not incarcerated since the dawn of Saturday 8th July, our efforts are aimed at guaranteeing their absolute freedom, but we are still submerged in a bureaucratic situation that we hope will not be obstructed.

The repression experienced during our manifestation calls us all to a deep analysis and reflection on violence and the constant criminalization of the protests of the women's movement in all territories with a clearly misogynist connotation on the part of the police and other repressive entities, which seem threatened by the strengthening of this anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist struggle that denounces and demonstrates the violence that we confront in our daily lives, our bodies, and in all our territories.

We highlight the importance of community networks of solidarity and articulation that gives us courage, ideas, contributions, experiences and strengthens us even more in our struggle. We call to keep alert to the outcome of what will happened.


Kochapampa 11 July, 2017